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Monsters of Legend CD - Midnight Syndicate

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Monsters of Legend CD by the Midnight Syndicate was inspired by classic horror cinema and promises to send a chill up your spine as it transports you back to the Golden Age of horror. (1 hr 5 min) Tracks include:

 1. Return to Arcacia
 2. Into the Valley of Shadows
 3. A Watchful Gathering
 4. Inn of the Weeping Sparrow
 5. Unwanted Visitor
 6. Requiem
 7. Witching Hour
 8. Unexpected Cargo
 9. Black Woods
 10. Twilight
 11. Carriage Ride
 12. Stone Guardians
 13. Ancient Portal
 14. Dark Tower
 15. Building the Monster
 16. Lord of the Realm
 17. Forgotten Alcoves
 18. A Terror Unleashed
 19. Cloistered Cemetery
 20. It Lives! (Video sample above)
 21. Beyond the Veil of Time

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