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The 13th Hour CD - Midnight Syndicate

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Midnight Syndicate's The 13th Hour CD offers the groups signature dark, gothic orchestration, and the chilling sound effects will put you right in the middle of a haunted house. (56 minutes) Tracks include:

1. Mansion in the Mist            
2. Forgotten Path                
3. Time Outside of Time           
4. Fallen Grandeur  (Video sample above)              
5. Hands of Fate                 
6. The Drawing Room               
7. Mausoleum d' Haverghast       
8. Family Secrets                 
9. Last Breaths                   
10. Vertigo                      
11. The Watcher                   
12. Cellar                        
13. Cold Embrace
14. Hand in Hand Again
15. Harvest of Deceit
16. Footsteps in the Dust
17. Veiled Hunter
18. Sinister Pact
19. Grisly Reminder
20. Deadly Intentions
21. The Lost Room
22. Living Walls
23. Gruesome Discovery
24. Return of the Ancient One
25. The 13th Hour

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