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How To Use Scene Setter Decorations

Decorating with Halloween Scene Setters is the easiest and most affordable solution for a dramatic Halloween display. These lightweight plastic decorations will bring the graveyard inside, turn your living room into a spooky dungeon, or transform your front porch into a scene from your favorite horror movie. Scene Setters are available in a variety of Halloween themes, so the scary scene possibilities are endless.

First, choose your space. Scene Setters can be used for indoor and outdoor displays. Next, select your background. Borders are available to take the decoration to the ceiling or you may use more than one background to cover a larger area. Now that you have the base for your spooky scene you can really begin to get creative. Finally, select Add-On images with creepy characters, window scenes, and more to complete the space transformation. You may need to cut the images you want to add on, but no worries with layering as as all of the add-on images have transparent borders. Hang all your Scene Setter decorations with Sticky Tack, tape, or a similar temporary adhesive. Fold and save for next year, as Scene Setters are reusable. If they get soiled, simply wipe clean with soap and water.

Using Halloween Scene Setters is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Choose your space. Step 2: Hang your background. Step 3: Add Scene Setter Add-ons.

Look at what you can do with Halloween Scene Setters:

Black Wall Background Asylum Halloween Scene Setters Insta-Theme Bloody Background

Use Scene Setters to Darken a room.

Use Scene Setters to decorate an entryway.

Use Scene Setters to decorate windows.


Some examples of Scene Setter scenes:

Create a Scene Setters Graveyard Scene.

Create a Scene Setters Dungeon Scene.

Create a Scene Setters Mansion Scene.

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