Halloween Graveyard Display

This Halloween How To article will provide you with some tips and recommendations for How to create a Halloween Graveyard display. A graveyard scene is the most commonly used display for creating Halloween atmosphere. From a simple Halloween tombstone scene to an elaborate cemetery display, it can be easy to set up and can be very scary. 

Halloween Graveyard Tombstones 
Using tombstone props of different shapes and sizes not only makes the scene more interesting but makes it more realistic. Today's Halloween product manufacturers have made it easy by creating 3-dimensional tombstone decorations in a variety of textures, colors and sizes. Most tombstone decorations have already been "weathered" with cracks and aging effects making them appear like the real thing. The most common fake tombstones are constructed of foam or plastic. They are lightweight and can be easily tipped over in the wind, so they will need to be secured with tombstone display stakes that are usually included in the packaging. You can further age your tombstones by draping spider webs, creepy cloths or floral moss over them.

Halloween Graveyard Props
To make your Halloween graveyard scene more scary, add Halloween props such as zombies and life-sized characters to bring the display to life. Animal props add a nature look so buy feathered birds and perch them atop your tombstones. Sit a black cat in your graveyard, hang bats, or ghostly characters in flowing gowns from surrounding trees and porches. Place creepy hands upright in front of your "graves," or use latex creatures to create the idea of the undead returning from their grave. Artificial flowers add a nice touch. These can be laid on top of graves or placed in vases and urns around your tombstones. You can create the illusion of "fresh graves" by placing soil in front of your tombstone and shaping it into a mound.

Graveyard Lighting and Sound Effects
To show off your hard work as well as lighting, add some black lights and low light spot lights on some or all of your tombstones. This way they won't get "lost" in the dark. Battery operated lighting is the best for this as there are no messy extension cords. If you choose to use corded lights , try to hide the cords under leaves or grass.

Add audio to your Halloween graveyard scene. Play a Halloween music CD or Spooky Sounds track on a hidden portable CD player or MP3 player. Place your audio device in a bush, behind a tombstone in the graveyard, or in an open window where it can be heard near your display. To maximize the impact of your Halloween graveyard display, use fog effects.

Graveyard Fog Effects 
Nothing is more creepy than some low lying fog in a graveyard, just like you see in the movies. Fog looks great flowing off of the porch to. Blast a few puffs right before the trick-or-treaters walk to the door. Be sure to have extra fog juice on hand to last throughout the night.

If you follow this mix of visual and audio effects, you are sure to create the scary Halloween graveyard display you desire. Although well received by most, this can be disturbing for the younger trick-or-treater's, so be prepared to deliver some of your Halloween treats by the curb!

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