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Halloween Party Tips

When it comes to planning a Halloween party, the most important thing to keep in mind is atmosphere. From the smallest to the largest party, guests are all there for the same thing, to have a good time! With the endless number of scary party themes, setting the right atmosphere is quite easy and is loads of fun.

Use Halloween Decorations and Props inside and outside for the party! Decorating for a Halloween party isn't just setting up a frightening outdoor display. A great Halloween party has decorations and props inside and out. Special attention should be given to the invitations, food, drink, and planning will include party games and activities that will keep your guests entertained.

Preparing months ahead of your event can help take the scare out of your planning. It will help keep you on a budget and ensure your Halloween party will be a memorable one. Keep a check list or notebook, and make a wish list of decorations that will work well in your theme.

For example, a pirate party theme will need skulls, guns, hats, eye patches, etc. Jot these ideas down on paper as you are planning for your party. Be sure to get the party decoration basics, such as balloons and party tableware.

No worries, if you are stumped for ideas,check out our Halloween Party Theme Collection page to help inspire you.

After you have chosen your theme and set a party budget, it's time to choose your Halloween party invitations.

Halloween Costume parties are always alot of fun!
The invitation is your first opportunity to set the atmosphere for your Halloween party. A memorable invitation generates excitement in the recipient and will make your guests more apt to attend. Invitations should be mailed 2 weeks before your party date.

Make it a
costume party! Nothing says Halloween more than getting dressed up in outlandish costumes allowing guests to be as wild as they want to be! For those "I forgot," or die-hard "won't wear a costume" attendees, supply them with inexpensive masks to get them involved. Be sure to have a prize for the best costume and don't forget to mention it in the invitation. A Halloween trophy, party favors, and even baskets full of home-baked ghoulish goodies, all make great prizes!  

Adult games are great icebreakers, and will keep your guests interacting. Try Charades with Halloween themed subjects. Adult drinking games are always lots of fun at parties, but always remember to drink responsibly. Be prepared for overnight guests who might have too much to drink or designate a driver so that everyone gets home safely.

Don't forget stuff to keep the kids busy at the party!

If there are going to be children at your party, you will want to have activities to keep them busy. There are a number of packaged Halloween games on the market, however many activities can be planned with items from around the home. It's easy to make your own Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin game, an old-fashioned bob for apples, or set up a table with the ingredients for the kids to make their own slime.

Decorate Halloween pumpkins with markers and stickers, or carve larger pumpkins with our easy to use carving patterns and spooky pumpkin decorations. Remember to have party favors for game prizes and put a few in the goodie bags for all of the children. This is a great way to keep them entertained.

Have plenty of food and drink on hand giving your favorite recipes a spooky Halloween twist. Check out our selection of Halloween drinkware to get everyone in the spirit. Be sure to add some small props to the party food table such as plastic spiders, fake fingers, and assorted body parts. Remember that less is more when it comes to the appearance of food, so don't make it look too disgusting or your guests may not want to eat it.

Take lot's of photographs! Not only will you have memories of your party, but they are wonderful references for next year's planning. You will find that they will remind you of what worked and what didn't and inspire you to make your next party even better. Photographs also make great postcard invitations to use for next years event. Have disposable cameras on hand for guests so they can get those "picture moments" that you might otherwise miss. Stage an area for guests to pose for pictures such a small graveyard or next to a life-sized prop. Make sure there is good lighting for the "photo "spot" as so often Halloween pictures are too dark. If you follow these helpful Halloween party tips, you are sure to have a spooktacular party that will be unforgettable!

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