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Dracula Fangs
Dracula Fangs are custom-fitted by you, using the included thermoplastic application that fits your bite perfectly. They "anchor" themselves securely and will not fall out. You have your own natural bite and can talk with these naturally. Very realistic with a dental enamel finish. Easily removable, and reusable without adhesives. Packaged in a plastic coffin shaped storage box.

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Vampire Teeth
These plastic vampire teeth are made to stay put. With the custom-fitting compound, teeth will fit exactly to your mouth for a natural look. Reusable. Recommended for age 14+. Includes one set of vampire teeth.

Psycho Clown Teeth
These rotted teeth are the perfect finishing touch to your psycho clown costume or other demented character. Realistic looking bleeding gums and decaying teeth. These high quality teeth were dentist designed and are made from the same acrylics used in making dentures. Each set of teeth are Packaged with non toxic plastic thermal beads so each set of teeth fit your mouth perfectly. Easy to use, just melt the plastic with hot water. Instructions included. Assorted styles, yours may vary slightly from picture.

Black Out Tooth Wax
Professional looking results are easy to achieve with this easy to apply tooth wax. Teeth just seem to disappear! Clear away a whole tooth or just a part of one. Peels off easy. Safe, won't stain teeth. A must for your Halloween makeup collection. Black Out Tooth Wax contains 3 oz.

Pirate Tooth Cap with Skull
Complete your pirate's costume with this gold tooth cap with a skull and crossbones image on it. Captain's and scalylwags alike will enjoy flashing a smile with this oral bling. Arrrr!

Zombie Teeth 3-Pack
Wear these teeth for that unfresh look you need to pull off your Halloween zombie transformation. Decayed gray plastic teeth with receeding gums and yellow teeth. Great Halloween party gifts and bag stuffers. 3 pc.

Retractable Vampire Fangs
Show your fangs only when you want to with these retractable vampire fangs. Kit includes a dental putty that softens with hot water and molds to your teeth for a custom fit. A hidden tongue bar raises and lowers the fangs, effect is very cool. Professional grade "enamel" finish. Reusable. Easy to follow instructions. Recommended for ages 14 and up.