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Reapers with Rose Garland
This string of hooded Grim Reapers with colored roses will add a festive touch to your Halloween display. Roses are colored yellow, white and red. Heavy string for hanging, 70"L. Plastic face and hands on a foam bust.

Miniature Tombstone Garland
You can hang this miniature tombstone garland from mantals, entryways, or around the Halloween party table. Features a variety of miniature tombstones tied to a black cord for hanging. Assorted foam tombstones measure 3"H x 2"W and are approx .5" thick. Includes 8 tombstones with attached metal eyelets, allowing them to be easily removed from the cord for your craft projects. Miniature Tombstone Garland measures 65"L.

Jointed Mr. Bone Jangles
This jointed Mr. Bone Jangles paper decoration will add some jazz to your Halloween display. Arms and legs are jointed for multiple display options, and the walking stick is removable. Vibrant skeleton image is on one side and printed on die-cut cardstock paper. Jointed Mr. Bone Jangles measures 40"H (3 ft 6 in).

Jointed Frankenstein Decoration
This jointed Frankenstein monster wants to hang around at your Halloween party. Highly detailed. Die-cut cardstock decoration with jointed limbs for endless poses! Jointed Frankenstein Decoration measures 53"H.

Jointed Dracula Decoration
This heavyweight card stock decoration with jointed limbs offers many different poses for your Halloween decorating. Vampire image is printed on one side. Jointed Dracula measures 53"H.

Life-sized Jointed Skeleton
This boney creature wants to hang around your house this Halloween. This quality die-cut cardstock decoration is printed on both sides. Jointed limbs allow you to pose it however you like. Life-sized Jointed Skeleton measures 55"H.

Monsters Cut-Out Decoration
These high quality Monsters face cut-out decorations are printed on both sides. Die-cut heavy paper Halloween decorations that will last for years and sure to become a staple in your collection. You get one of each; Werewolf, Grim Reaper, Vampire and a Frankenstein Monster. Monsters Cut-Out Decorations measure 16."

Jointed Skeleton Decoration
Jointed Art-Print skeleton in 4-color design, printed on both sides. Measuring a large 44", this guy is sure to spook passers by! Die cut heavyweight card stock decoration for years of use!

Jointed Castle Tower
Give a ghoul a home with this extra large jointed castle tower. Printed on both sides. You will love the excellent detail on die cut card stock decoration. Jointed Castle Tower measures 48"H.

Skull Paper Garland
Add this paper skull garland to create a festive Halloween party atmosphere. Three colored tissue paper garland features die-cut skulls in black, orange, and white. Skull Paper Garland measures 5.5"H x 144"L (12 feet x 5 1/2 in).

Haunted House 3D Centerpiece
This haunted house table decoration will make a spooky addition to your table display 3-dimensonal folded effect. Vibrant image on die cut, heavyweight card stock. Printed on both sides. Easy to assemble. Haunted House 3D Centerpiece measures 12"W x 10"H.

Tissue Spider & Web
Decorating is a snap with resusable paper decorations that fold flat for easy storage. This creepy spider web features a dangling spider with a honeycomb body and diecut cardstock legs for weight. Looks the same on both sides making it great to hang over buffet tables and party room ceilings. Because of their construction, these should not get wet, so indoor use is probably best. Tissue Spider & Web decoration measures a large 18".

Tombstone Print Paper Lantern
Our Tombstone Print Paper Lantern will add an elegant touch to your Halloween décor. Metal frame hold the lantern's shape. Black and white design with a cat on a tombstone. Tombstone Print Paper Lantern measures 14"D.

Vulture Print Paper Lantern
This Vulture Print Paper Lantern can be used for Halloween and Over the Hill party decorations. Metal frame holds the lantern shape. Black and white design features vultures and skeletons, images on both sides. Vultures Paper Lantern measures 14"D.

Black Onion Grass Decoration
Add some shimmer to your Halloween table arrangement with metallic onion grass. Made from wire and metallic paper. Mix different colors for a striking display. Vase not included. Red and Silver Onion Grass sold separately. Black Onion Grass Decoration measures 21"L. 1 ea.

Red Onion Grass Decoration
Add some shimmer to your Halloween centerpiece with metallic onion grass. Made with wire and metallic paper. Mix different colors for a striking display. Vase not included. Black and Silver Onion Grass sold separately. Red Onion Grass Decoration measures 21"L. 1 ea.

Silver Onion Grass Decoration
Add some shimmer to your Halloween table centerpiece with metallic onion grass. Made with wire and metallic paper. Mix different colors for a striking display. Vase not included. Black and Red Onion Grass sold separately. Silver Onion Grass Decoration measures 21"L, 1 ea.

Black Star Spray Decoration
Add shimmering stars to your Halloween table arrangement with metallic onion grass. Made with wire and metallic paper. Mix different colors for a striking display. Vase not included. Red and Silver Star Spray sold separately. Black Star Spray Decoration measures 21"L. 1 ea.

Red Star Spray Decoration
Add shimmering stars to your Halloween table arrangement with metallic onion grass. Made with wire and metallic paper. Mix different colors for a striking display. Vase not included. Black and Silver Star Spray sold separately. Red Star Spray Decoration measures 21"L. 1 ea.

Silver Star Spray Decoration
Add shimmering stars to your Halloween table arrangement with metallic onion grass. Made with wire and metallic paper. Mix different colors for a striking display. Vase not included. Black and Red Star Spray sold separately. Silver Star Spray Decoration measures 21"L. 1 ea.

Retirement Banner
Wish them a Happy retirement with this brightly colored cardstock jointed banner that reads "Happy Retirement." Jointed. Measures 5"W x 5'L.

Foil Skeleton Windsock Decoration
Hang this dapper hanging foil skeleton this Halloween and let the fun begin. Looks like a windsock and shimmers in the light. Foil Skeleton Windsock Decoration measures 48"L.

Ghosts and Pumpkins Print-Fetti
This Halloween confetti features tiny pumpkins and printed ghost cut-outs for a festive confetti decoration. Spread some on the Halloween party table or put some in your party invitations just for fun. Ghosts and Pumpkins Print-Fetti includes .5 oz of confetti.

Neon Night Razzmatazz Centerpiece
Add a little razzmatazz to your party decor with these ready in an instant, fun centerpieces! Easy to assemble, everything included. Air-filled, metallic with foil cascade. Coordinate this item with our other Neon Night accessories. Centerpiece is a large 14"H when assembled.

Silver Barbed Wire Garland
This silver-gray colored, sharp looking barbed wire garland is totally safe. Made of stiff Nylon, it won't hurt if touched. Great for hanging around the party zone, separating scenes, and will add realism to your displays. Silver Barbed Wire Garland measures 144"L (12 ft).

Spooky Hollow Doorway Curtain
This metallic fringe plastic curtain will make a spooky statement hanging over an entryway this Halloween. Cardstock top looks like a cemetery gate with a demonic looking skull and reads "Keep Out." Measures 6ft 5in high.

Jointed Cut-Out Spider
This paper arachnid is larger than life. Die cut print of a black widow spider with jointed legs. Hang a few of these around at the Halloween party for a dramatic effect. Jointed Cut-Out Spider measures 52"L.

Creepy Bones Vacuform Decoration
This metallic look vacuform decoration features a skeleton hugging a tombstone. Metallic features make it shine in light. Made of PVC molded plastic in 3D relief. Creepy Bones Vacuform Decoration measures 16"H x 17"W.

Halloween Road Signs
These Halloween Road Sign Cut-Outs are printed on both sides offering 8 different signs in one package. Large enough to be seen from the road. Halloween Road Sign Cut-Outs measure 16" x 16." Set of 4.

Jointed Scary Frankenstein
Bring home the terror that only the king of all monsters can bring with this life-sized, jointed frankenstein. Vibrant one-sided image on diecut cardstock. Fully jointed so you can pose him however you like. Completely assembled, measures 60"H.

Jointed Spider Bones
This creepy jointed spider bones Halloween decoration is a cross between a spider and a skeleton that looks like it came straight from a nightmare. The black and white skeletal spider image is printed on both sides on quality diecut cardstock paper. Features hinged limbs that can be posed. Jointed Spider Bones decoration measures 24"H.

Carved Pumpkin Cut-Outs
These no mess jack-o-lantern cut-outs are the next best thing to real carved pumpkins. Vibrant images printed on both sides of die-cut cardstock. Set of four, each measures 14"H.

Tombstone Cut-Outs
These cardstock tombstones are delightfully dreadful. Realistic detailed images of tombstones with leaves and moss. Horrible names and frightfully fun epitaphs. Tombstones are printed on both sides and measure 16"H. Set of four.

Mostly Ghostly Hanging Cascade
Add some shimmer to your shiver with the Mostly Ghostly Hanging Cascade. Features brightly colored metallic paper ghosts tombstones with epitaths. String attached to top for hanging. Use alone, or coordinate with our Mostly Ghostly tableware, sold separately. Mostly Ghostly Hanging Cascade measures 24"L.

3D Glow In Dark Foil Spiders
These brightly colored spiders look great day or night. 3D metallic foil shimmers in the sunlight and then glows in the dark when the sun goes down. The 3 pc. set includes a red, black and purple 18" spiders with attached hangers.

Orange and Black Plastic Curtain
Hang this Orange and Black plastic curtain in a doorway or use as a backdrop where you need a little Halloween party pizazz. Weatherproof and reusable. Orange and Black Plastic Curtain measures 36"W x 96"H (3 ft x 8 ft).

Cemetery Table Decorating Kit
Bring the cemetery inside with this elegant table decorating kit. Includes two 5", and one 12" heavy paper cut-out tombstones with "honeycomb" tissue bases, and 12 black fabric leaves. Easy to set up, stores flat.

Skeleton Hand Doorknob Cut-Out
Place this creepy die-cut cardstock cut-out around a doorknob to let your visitors know it's Halloween. Realistic image of a skeleton hand, measures 11.8"H x 4.4"W. 2/pkg.

Black Tissue Spider
Hang this tissue arachnid around the Halloween party zone to set a creepy tone. "Honeycomb" tissue body with die-cut cardstock legs and eyes. Comes with attached string for hanging. Measures 14"L.

Jointed Skull Cut-Outs
Add these jointed skull cut-outs to your party decor or a themed Halloween display such as a Mad Laboratory. This real skull images has been printed on cardstock and then die-cut. Jointed jaw allows movement. Jointed Skull Cut-Outs measure 12" and is printed on one side. 2 ct.

Moon & Bat Cut-Outs
Bring the elements of a spooky Halloween night inside with these detailed images of a moon and flying bats. Die-cut cardstock decorations printed on both sides. Set of 4 pieces, measure 8.5"W - 18"W.

Black Metallic Curtain
This shimmery black metallic curtain is the perfect fringe backdrop, or room separator. Easily cut down to fit a door opening. Black Metallic Curtain is 1 ply, measures 8'H x 3'W.

Candelabra Stand-Up Decoration
Create the illusion of a scary candelabra with this bloody stand-up that looks like the real thing. Easy to assemble. Candelabra image is printed on plastic coated corrugated cardboard. Candelabra Stand-Up Decoration measures 15"H .

Glitter Jointed Skeleton Decor Kit
These glittered Halloween silhouettes will add a magical feeling to your Halloween display. Set of 11 black cardboard cut-outs with black glitter. Glitter Jointed Sleleton Decor Kit includes:

1 - 36" Jointed Skeleton Glitter Cardboard Cut-outs
4 - 6.5" Glitter Cardboard Cut-Outs
4 -  5" Glitter Cardboard Cut-outs
1 -  4" Glitter Cut-Out
1 -  3" Glitter Cut-Out

Witch's Hat Paper Lantern
Enchant your space with this black paper lantern shaped like a witch's hat. Paper is printed with magical pumpkins and stars with a metal hook for easy hanging. Witch's Hat Paper Lantern measures 11.5"H x 11.5"W.

Tabletop Graveyard Decoration Set
Bring the graveyard inside with this cute tabletop decoration set. These sturdy cardstock Halloween decorations look great on the party table. All pieces are printed on both sides. The tombstones are supported by two 2.5" tabs for free standing and show spooky epitaths on one side and a blank tombstone on the other side. Personalize the blank side with your own message. Printed side of tombstones includes 2 "Colden Buried", 2 "Manny Wormfude," 1 "Rigg R. Mortise," and 1 "Buster Bluddvessil." Easy to assemble, and stores flat for next year. Tabletop Graveyard Decoration Set includes 9 pieces consisting of 3 interlocking fence sections; 24"L x 5.5"H, and 6 tombstones; 6"H x 4"W.

Black Picket Fence Cut-Outs
These Black Picket Fence Cut-Outs will add the look of an old weathered fence to your Halloween displays. Package includes 3 double-sided cutouts shaped like a black picket fence. Each cutout measures 24.75"L x 12"H. 3 pc.

Skull & Crossbones Fanci-Fetti
Throw some of this fanci-fetti plastic confetti around the party zone for a festive touch. Skull & Crossbones theme is great for Halloween and a must have for your Pirate party theme. Confetti pieces are black on one side and white on the other. Skull & Crossbones Fanci-Fetti pieces measure approximately .75." 1 oz.

String of Fingers Garland
This creepy strand of severed fingers will look great hanging around entryways. Plastic fingers measure 4.25"L have been made to look "dead" with grayish coloring and black fingernails. String of Fingers Garland includes six fingers on black cord that measures 56"L.

String of Skulls Garland
Hang this string of skulls around entryways this Halloween for a creepy look. Plastic skulls measure 2"H x 1.5"W and are attached to a rope style cord. String of Skulls Garland measures 72"L.

Scary Ghoul Cutout
This scary ghoul will be a welcome addition to the guest list at this years Halloween party. He is sure to add the creepy atmosphere you desire. Die-cut cardstock decoration. Hang with double sided tape or sticky tack, sold separately. Scary Ghoul Cut-Out measures 35"H x 8.5"W and is printed on both sides.

Spider Glitter Cutouts
Add these glittered eight legged silhouettes to your Halloween decor and enjoy the festiveness of the season. Constructed of cardtock paper and treated with black glitter. Black cording is included for hanging. Spider Glitter Cutouts includes 9 spiders in various poses and three sizes; 7.25" x 6", 8" x 5.5," and 7.75" x 7." 9 ct.

Mini 3D Skull and Bats Centerpiece
These mini 3D skull and bats centerpiece decoration will give your Halloween table display that something it is missing. Treated in black glitter for a festive look. Mini 3-D Skull and Bats Centerpiece includes 1 bat; 7.75"W and 2 skull and crossbones; 5"W centerpieces.

Jointed Zombie Wall Decoration
Back from the dead and looking for brains. This life-sized zombie cut-out is poseable with the jointed arms and legs. Cardstock decoration printed on one side only and not free-standing. Hang with tape or other temporary adhesive. Jointed Zombie Wall Decoration measures 72"H.

Glittered Plastic Spider & Web
These glittered spiders with web look stunning hanging from the ceiling, and will add a touch of holiday magic to your Halloween display. Hard plastic decoration is coated in sparkling white and black glitter. Spider is three dimensional and is shown on both sides. Plastic wire hanger attached. Glittered Plastic Spider & Web measures 11"H x 11"W.

Pumpkin Cascade Centerpiece
Create a festive atmosphere for the Halloween party with this metallic look plastic centerpiece. Includes plastic base for a freestanding display. Can be hung from ceilings with plastic wire, not included. Pumpkin Cascade Centerpiece measures 18"H.

Pumpkin and Ghosts Cascade Centerpiece
Bring the spirit of Halloween to the table with this metallic cascade centerpiece that features pumpkins and ghosts. Freestanding display with the included clear plastic base. Easily hang from ceiling with a plastic wire, not included. Pumpkin and Ghosts Cascade Centerpiece measures 18"H.

Happy Halloween Gleam 'N Spray Centerpiece
This metallic spray centerpiece will add instant party atmosphere when used in your Halloween table display. Orange and black plastic spray on bendable metal sticks with Happy Halloween and Bats. Weighted base for freestanding display. Happy Halloween Gleam 'N Spray Centerpiece measures 11"H.

Glittered Happy Halloween Streamer
Wish them a good one at the Halloween party this year with the aid of this easily seen banner that reads Happy Halloween. Black bats, traditional black and orange colors, and glittered letters makes it really stand out. Glittered Happy Halloween Streamer measures 11 feet long and 8.5"H.

Scary Jack-O-lantern Cut-Outs
You get the look of 8 scary pumpkins with this package of 4 cardstock cut-outs that are printed on the front and back. Hang from the ciling or tape them to a wall. Sure to add a scary ambience to your Halloween decorating. Scary Jack-o-lantern Cut-Outs measure 14"H x 14"W.

Bloody Weapons Cut-Out Decoration
These bloody weapons cut-out decorations look like the real thing. Great accent for your Bloody Butcher or Mad Lab Halloween scene. You get one each of a bloody chainsaw, a bloody knife, and a bloody axe. Bloody Weapons Cut-Out decorations are printed on both sides and measure 25"L - 31"L.

Body Parts Cut-Out Decoration
Hang these gruesome body part images around the Halloween party or add some fine imagery to your other macabre display. Body Parts Cut-Out Decoration includes four die-cut decorations that are printed on both sides. Hang with your tape or other adhesive, not included. Body Parts Cut-outs measure 12" - 18." 4 pc.

String of Rats Garland
These creepy rats hanging from a string are sure to create a stir in the observers of your Halloween display. From a 6 foot twine string hang 6 plastic rats wrapped in gray muslin that measure 11" from head to end of tail. Perfect for your indoor and outdoor Halloween decorating. String of Rats Garland measures 72"L.

Black Cat Paper Lantern
Bring back the spirit of Halloween with festive retro look paper lanterns. Black lantern with a cat's face. Easy to assemble metal frame. Includes cord for hanging. Light the lantern during the Halloween party for the WOW factor. Lantern light sold separately. Black Cat Paper Lantern measures 12" in diameter.

Pumpkin Face Paper Lantern
This pumpkin face paper lantern is a festive way to decorate for Halloween. Easy to assemble metal frame. Includes cord for hanging. Light the lantern during the Halloween party for the WOW factor. Lantern light sold separately. Pumpkin Face Paper Lantern measures 12" in diameter.

Orange Paper Lantern
Paper lanterns creative a festive atmosphere like no other. Lit or unlit they will brighten up your party decor. Orange Paper Lantern measures 12" in diameter.

Gothic Paper Lanterns Pack
These beautiful Gothic themed paper lanterns will work nicely with your Halloween decor. Get more for your money with this set of 6 paper lanterns in black, white, red and grey colors. Gothic Paper Lanterns Pack includes 1 - 11.75" diameter; 1 - 9.75" diameter; 2 - 7.75" diameter, and 2 - 5" diameter lanterns.

PSI Party Tape
Quarantine the party zone with this novelty barricade tape that reads "Party Scene Investigation." Plastic PSI Party Tape measures 3"H x 20'W (3 in x 240 in).

Jointed Skeletons - 2 pc
These jointed skleletons will look great when you hang them up at the Halloween party. Jointed limbs allow you to pose them however you like. Die-cut cardstock. Printed on one side only. Set of two. Jointed Skeletons measure 22"H. 2 pc.

Jointed Nite Glo Skeleton - 33"
Hang this paper skeleton in the sunlight and let it charge up for an evening eerie glow. Die-cut cardstock cut-out with jointed limbs allowing you to position it how you like. Nite-glo effect is on one side only but the skeleton image is printed on both sides. Jointed Nite-Glo Skeleton measures 33"H. Larger size available, below.

Jointed Nite-Glo Skeleton - 55"
Hang this life-sized paper skeleton in the sunlight and let it charge up for an evening eerie glow. Die-cut cardstock cut-out with jointed limbs allowing you to position it how you like. Nite-glo effect is on one side only but the skeleton image is printed on both sides. Jointed Nite-Glo Skeleton 55"H. Smaller size available, below.

Monsters Metallic Cascade
This metallic cascade is the perfect centerpiece for your moster bash. Features cardstock cut-out faces of witches, monsters, and vampires with metallic bats. Comes with a plastic base. Monsters Metallic Cascade measures 18"H.

Jointed Skeleton Butler Decoration
Halloween guests will enjoy watching the hired help when you hang this creepy jointed butler decoration up at the party. Cardstock decoration with hinged limbs allowing you to display it in various poses. One sided print shows a creepy skeleton faced butler holding some gruesome treats. Life-sized. Jointed Skeleton Butler Decoration measures 66"H (5 ft. 6 in).

Fangtastic Vampire Fangs Decoration
Take a bite of your Halloween decorating with this fangtastic vampire fangs vacuform decoration. Large size, open back, lightweight plastic. Glittered accents sparkle in the light. Hang with double-sided tape, sticky tack or similar ashesive, not included. Fangtastic Vampire Fangs Decoration measures 15"H x 21"W. 1 pc.

Martha Stewart - Carnival Halloween Garland
Your guests will "step right up" to some Halloween fun when you hang this welcoming banner with a Halloween carnival theme. Banner has raised foam letters decorated with orange glitter on cardboard background squares. Orange ribbon attaches the letters. Martha Stewart Crafts - Carnival Happy Halloween Garland measures 144"L (12 ft).

This item cannot be shipped outside of the USA.

Martha Stewart - Haunted Hanging Frames
These haunted hanging frames will look spooktacular hanging in your haunted home this Halloween. Glittered frames with a cardboard cut-out owl, eyeball or spider that hang in the frame center. Package includes 6 hanging decorations with plastic wire for hanging.Martha Stewart Crafts - Haunted Hanging Frames measure as follows: Owl; 9"H x 9.25"W, Spider; 7"H x 4.5"W, and the Eyeball;6" x 5"W.

This item cannot be shipped outside of the USA.

Witch and Ghosts Confetti
Add the party atmosphere to the table this Halloween with this witch and ghost themed metallic paper confetti. Sprinkle some in your Halloween party invitations for frightful fun. 0.5 oz.

Skull and Tombstones Confetti
Scatter these tiny skulls, tombstones and mini gold moons around for a festive touch to your Halloween table display. Great for craft projects, scapbooking, etc. Metallic paper confetti. Skull and Tombstones Confetti contains .0.5 oz.

Doomsday Mega Pack Cut-Outs
You will give folks plenty of warning with this large pack of Doomsday warning cut-out signs. Great for any post-apocalyptic display scene. Package includes 30 assorted cut-out cardstock decorations as follows:

12 Quarantine signs; 6.5"
5 Biohazard signs; 5"
4 Fallout Shelter signs; 9"
3 Dead End signs; 8"
3 Zombie Crossing signs; 7"
3 Gas mask cut-outs; 7"

Fangtastic Vampire Fangs Cut-Out
Hang this vampire fang decorations for a Fangtastic party celebration. Cut-out decoration is lightweight and features a mouth with fangs that is printed on both sides. Coordinate with other items in the Fangtastic collection for a complete party theme. Fangtastic Vampire Fangs Cut-Out measures 10.5"W.

Spider Web Paper Lanterns
Creepy 3D spiders adorn these Halloween colored paper lanterns making for very decorative accents. Sturdy metal frames, fold flat for storage. Spider Web Lanterns package includes paper spider attachments and five lanterns in various sizes; 1 - 5.75", 2 - 7.75", 2 - 9.5". 5 pc.

Zombie Door Curtain
New Item
Visitors beware of the "Dead Inside" that wait behind this zombie themed door curtain. Cardboard sign depicts zombies behind boards with a curtain of dingy looking gray gauze with splotches of green. Zombie Door Curtain measures 54"L (4 ft 6 in.).

Halloween Foil Fringe Chandelier
Create a display to die for with this hanging Halloween foil fringe chandelier. Three layers of tiered foil paper are supported by a sturdy cardboard frame and taper down to create the chandelier. An attached cardstock spider dangles from the bottom. Lightweight. Includes cords for hanging, and can easily hang from permanent light fixtures, ceiling fans and ceiling. Halloween Foil Fringe Chandelier measures 38"L with a top tier of 16" in diameter.

Jointed Goth Beauty
Guests will be awe of her beauty when you add this jointed cardstock cut-out to your Halloween or Vampire themed party decor. Life-sized gothic woman dressed in a black and red corset with moveable arms. Image is only printed on one side. Use tape or sticky tack, sold separately to display. Jointed Goth Beauty measures 72"H (6 ft).

Creepy Carnival Value Pack Cut-Outs
Save on your Halloween carnival decorations with this bundle pack of Creepy Carnival cut-outs. Images include bloodied rats, spiders and skulls and warning signs. Vibrant images are printed on both sides of die-cut cardstock paper. Creepy Carnival Value Pack Cut-Outs includes one dozen cut-outs that measure 7"H - 11"W. 12 ct.

Creepy Carnival Clown Cut-Out
Nothing is more scary than a creepy carnival clown. Vibrant glossy image printed on cardstock paper. Hang on a wall with tape or sticky tack, sold separately. Creepy Carnival Clown Cut-Out measures 15"H. 1 ea.

Creepy Carnival Vacuform Sign
This creepy carnival sign features a creepy clown holding an arrow that reads "Do Not Enter". Lightweight vacuformed plastic good for indoor and outdoor decorating. Creepy Carnival Vacuform Sign measures 10"H x 17"W.

Creepy Carnival Doorway Curtain
Hang this creepy doorway curtain at the entry to your Halloween carnival. Blood stained shredded cloth hangs from a scrolled banner printed on cardstock paper that reads "Creepy CarnEvil." Creepy Carnival Doorway Curtain measures 54"L (4 ft 6 in).

Creepy Carnival String Decorations
These creepy carnival string decorations feature spooky clowns, bloodied skulls with scary spider and rat silhouettes. Hang these just about anywhere for a frightfully festive look. Creepy Carnival String Decorations includes 8 string decorations with attached cardstock cut-outs printed on both sides. Eatch string features a plastic hook for easy displaying.

Bloody Gauze Streamer
Hang this bloody gauze streamer wherever you need a touch of the macabre. Woven gauze fabric prestained with a bloody look. Bloody Gauze Streamer measures 24'L (8 yds).

Zombie Girl Cut-Out
New Item
This zombie girl cut-out will make a gruesome addtion to your zombie display. Vibrant image of a hungry zombie eating a rat. Reusable die-cut cardstock decoration that is printed on both sides. Folds for easy storage. Hang with tape or similar adhesive. Zombie Girl Cut-Out measures 36"H (3 ft).

Moaning Lisa Masterpiece
New Item
Great zombie touch-up to a classic masterpiece, this moaning Lisa will be a nice addition to your Halloween portrait collection. Perfect for haunted galleries and haunted mansions. Reusable cardstock paper decoration printed on one side. Hang with tape or similar wall safe adhesive Moaning Lisa Masterpiece measures 23"H x 18"W.

Asylum Nurse Cut Out
New Item
This scary Asylum Nurse cut out will be a great addition to your haunted asylum. Vibrant glossy image of a bound and bloodied nurse, who is a victim of the madness that surrounds her. Printed on both sides of sturdy cardstock paper. Reusable. Hang with tape or sticky tack, sold separately. Asylum Nurse Cut Out measures 10"H.

Asylum Value Pack Cut-Outs
Save money and time with this value pack assortment of Asylum themed cut-outs. Vibrant images printed on both sides of sturdy cardstock paper. Asylum Value Pack Cut-Outs measure 7"H to 12"H in assorted shapes. 12 pc.

Zombie Apocalypse Scrapbook
New Item
Create a realistic scrapbook for your Zombie Apocalypse theme with the aid of these paper cut-outs. Images depict newspaper articles, photos and headlines of the dreaded day. Place them in a scrapbook, or pin them to a wall. Zombie Apocalypse Scrapbook includes nine cardstock paper cut-outs that measure 4" - 7" with assorted images. 9 pc.

Bloody Asylum Door Curtain
New Item
Warn them that "No One Leaves," with this bloody Asylum themed door curtain. Great way to lead the way to your spooky scene or party zone waiting on the other side. Cardboard Asylum sign features a cleaver on each side and the words "No One Leaves" written in blood, with attached fabric curtain stained to look bloody. Bloody Asylum Door Curtain measures 54"L x 38"W.

Halloween Mini Decorations
New Item
Now you can spook up a small space with these Halloween mini decorations. Featuring a retro look that glows in the dark , the cut-out paper decorations are perfect for decorating a work cubicle, a computer desk, or similar small area. Set includes 11 mini Halloween decorations in a 5" x 5.5" metal tin.

Bloody Handprint Paper Lantern Set
New Item
These Bloody Handprint Paper Lanterns will give your Halloween party decorations the macabre touch you are seeking. Perfect for a zombie party and includes 6 white paper lanterns with a red bloody print. Wire frames keep the lanterns shape and include a metal hanger. Easy to assemble. Bloody Handprint Paper Lanterns measure 12" in diameter. 6 Pc.

Jointed Zombie Man Cut-Out
New Item
Jointed Zombie Man Cut-Out decoration will give you a posable life-size zombie man for zombie party photo ops and makes a scary Halloween decoration. Features a realistic zombie man image with jointed arm and legs for posing in a variety of positions. Jointed Zombie Man Cut-Out measures 60"H (5 feet).

Jointed Zombie Woman Cut-Out
New Item
Jointed Zombie Woman Cut-Out is a posable life-size zombie woman decoration that makes for great Halloween party photo opportunities. Features a realistic zombie woman image printed on heavy paper with jointed arms and legs for posing in a variety of positions. Jointed Zombie Woman Cut-Out measures 56"H (4 feet 8 inches).